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  • What is the minimum number of employees a business must have to implement a group health plan?
    A business owner can have as few as one employee (owner plus one employee) to be eligible for a group health plan. Contact us today for quotes!
  • What are the dates for health insurance Open Enrollment for 2020?
    Health Insurance Open Enrollment for 2020 begins November 1, 2019 and ends on December 15, 2019.
  • Are tax credits towards health insurance premiums still available?
    They certainly are! Our tream can walk you through the application process to determine if you are eligible for lower premiums.
  • Is personal health insurance only available for purchase during Open Enrollment?
    Yes unless you encounter a qualifying life event such as loss of coverage, marriage, childbirth, or divorce.
  • Can you assist individuals and businesses across the state of Texas?
    Definitely! We have relationships with a large number of insurance companies representing counties all across Texas. From El Paso to Texarkana and Brownsville to Amarillo - we want to be your agent of choice!
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